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A fast and simple way to connect on video!

Nutshelled is a safe and simple way to connect over video. No apps, downloads, or long meeting links.


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Meet Anywhere, Anytime

Getting together on a call has never been easier. Gone are the days of app downloads, guest sign-ups, and long meeting links. Simply hop on a nutshelled call and experience a simple and intuitive meeting room, with robust features allowing you to collaborate or catch up anytime anywhere.

Your room, your meetings

Your meeting room is unique to you. You have your own personalized link which is easy to remember and can be used on desktop, mobile, or tablet. Premium users can customize their meeting room branding with logos, banners, room colors, and much more.

Connection made simple

Video calls with easy recording, adaptive layouts, and whiteboards help people stay engaged and connected.

Meetings in the browser

No more app downloads, guest sign-ups, and connecting to random phone numbers; easily connect via desktop or mobile on your browser.

Easily jump on calls

Hop on a call in seconds with your unique room link. Looking to invite participants? Add them via email or send them your room link to connect

Share your screen

Share your entire screen or just a tab to present, pitch decks, spreadsheets, product demos, and much more!

Keep your meetings safe

Nutshelled meetings are locked by default. You control who joins; only approved attendees can join.

Customize you room

Personalize your meeting room with banners, logos, colors, custom names, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

How many participants can join the meeting?

Our plans allow for up to 100 participants to join nutshelled calls

What's the difference between nutshelled free or premium

Both Free and Pro plans allow for unlimited 1-1 meetings with no time limit. The Free plan has a 45-minutes time limit for each meeting with three or more total participants. If you need your group meetings to last longer than 45 minutes, you can sign up for a Pro account here. Pro also includes Recording and your own managed domain.

How do I cancel Nutshelled Premium?

You can cancel your subscription to Whereby at any time. You will continue to receive the features you've paid for until the end of that billing cycle.

How safe are my meetings?

Your Nutshelled meeting room is locked as a default meaning any guest will have to be approved to join the meeting by you. A meeting cannot start until the owner of the meeting has entered the room. We also offer encrypted video calls at every meeting with 4 participants or less.

Can guests join a call?

Once you’ve created a meeting, you can invite anyone to join even if they don’t have a Nutshelled account. Just share the link or meeting ID with all meeting participants.

Does Nutshelled have closed captioning?

Nutshelled does not currently have a built-in feature for closed captioning. However, because our calls are browser-based, you can use Google Chrome's captioning feature. To add this, Visit chrome://settings/accessibility from Chrome, then toggle Live Caption to "On." This will generate auto-captions for any site where it detects sound. Next time you have a Whereby call from your Chrome browser, captions will be automatically generated. If you closed the caption window but want to start seeing captions again, you can refresh the page.

Can I change/update my meeting room name?

You can always edit/change your meeting room name. This can be done on your profile tab on the account page.

Can I save my meeting recordings?

When you record your meetings they will be saved to your account. Once they're saved you can choose to download and delete the recordings as you'd like. Meeting recordings are located in the "Meeting Recordings" tab of the Account Page.